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Palazzotto of the early nineteenth century, in the heart of the old town, stands on the hill from which it dominates the city, and dominates with a suggestive view of a panorama all round. Symbol of the elegance of the upper middle class who lived there, it was built by an ancestor of the current owner, who began this housing project on the highest point of the hill, to enjoy the most beautiful perspective. The complex is on two floors, on a volume of 540 m².

The private garden (ancient citrus grove) of about 200 m², fenced and protected by high walls, is a green oasis in the historical centre. The same, with its dimensions, allows the construction of a swimming pool and an outdoor lift, as can be seen from the photographic conversion of a two-dimensional elaboration of the garden.

The complex is also equipped with a cistern of about 30 m², at the time a water resource of the house, with an opening to the street and an opening inside the house. On the north side, from the balcony adorned with a wrought iron railing, original of the period, characterized by arabesque patterns with a central rose window and made by skilled craftsmen on a project wanted by the client, one is projected into the vision of the medieval village of the 14th century, with the walls built by the feudal lord Prince Raimondo del Balzo Orsini. The walls, marked by a square tower and an arch (Porta Brindisi) that supported the drawbridge to defend the town, are made even more evocative in its night vision from the windows and balcony of the house.

From the same balcony you can enjoy the exhibition of the flag-wavers of the various districts – the so-called ‘nzegna ceremony – and the religious rituals with the parade of traditional costumes. In summer, during the most important festivities of the local tradition, fireworks can be seen from the terraces.

To the east, from the terrace above the garden, you can enjoy life watching the sunrise over the surface of the sea.  To the south, from the rear terraces you have a panoramic view of the expanses of centuries-old olive trees, as far as the city of Brindisi with its harbour, covering a distance of about 25 km.

This residence, with its potential and the position that makes it unique, can regain its ancient splendour, becoming the fulcrum of the welcome of guests who choose it as their holiday destination.  The arrangement of the rooms, one after the other, with fireplaces and barrel vaults, in stone, is an expression of the centuries-old origin of the architecture of this historic building.

Some early twentieth-century furnishings, in full Art Nouveau style, which are part of the wedding trousseau of an ancestor, have passed through time and the vicissitudes of the First and Second World War. To revive them is to pay homage to a glorious past and to those who preceded us.



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    Historic house from the 1800s

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Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Carovigno, BR, Italia


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